Essential Oils & Their Uses

Bergamot... Its· main area of use are for Depression/ Anxiety, Skin Care and Urinary tract infections.. Antiviral... Do not apply bergamot to skin likely to be exposed to sunlight!!!

Black Pepper ... A good warming oil for winter. Though its use should be kept quite infrequent as it is extremely powerful oil. Used in very small amounts it is an antispasmodic, which when rubbed over the abdomen can alleviate bowel cramps and griping pains. Excellent oil for muscular pain, fatigue and stiffness...

Cajuput ... Its main use is in cold preparations and inhalations. 

Chamomile ... there are several varieties of this oil , though they do overlap somewhat in their properties, maroc being the least potent. The greatest use are anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming. A good antidepressant. It is excellent in skin disorders as it reduces the associated redness and pain. It is one of only a few oils which can be used directly on the skin, or on children.

Cedarwood... It is a powerful antiseptic, used in urinary tract and bronchial infections.. Good on skin conditions such as acne because of its astringent action.. It works both as a stimulant and tonic as well as reducing stress and tension... 

Clarysage... Excellent oil for the treatment of anyone with stress and tension... It is a powerful muscle relaxant which induces a euphonic state, so care should be taken when using on anyone who has to drive afterwards ... Valuable in the treatment of asthma as it relaxes spasms in the bronchial tubes .. Good for all kinds of cramps and muscle tension, which makes it invaluable for use in stopping uterine contractions in menstrual cramps... 

Clove.. Clove oil is antiseptic, anti-bacterial and analgesic and is a great oil for the prevention of diseases.

Cypress.. It is an astringent, especially useful in cases of excess fluid, for example heavy menstruation. oedema, and excessive sweating... A good oil to use on hydrated skin, or oily skin conditions. A tonic on the circulatory system.. Helps to regulate the menstrual cycle....

Eucalyptus.... Best known as a decongestant for colds. Powerful antibacterial and antiviral. Good for in rheumatism pain.

Frankincense... Calms coughs and helps the respiratory tract. It opens the chest, therefore helping with bronchial conditions like asthma and bronchitis. Particularly useful on older skins because of its rejuvenating properties.. it has a calming and relaxing effect.

Jasmin Essential Oil Geranium.... One of the true balancing oils.... It is an antidepressant and antiseptic.. Good for skin care. It works as a great hormone balancer in all hormone related conditions which makes it useful in menstrual disorders..

Ginger.... Good in the preparations for muscular fatigue, rheumatism and arthritis.. Helpful for conditions like diarrhoea and catarrh... 
Jasmine... A relaxing and antidepressant oil. which gives rise to its status as an aphrodisiac. A wonderful oil for the skin especially hot, dry skin conditions... 

Juniper... An antiseptic and diuretic oil. and excellent for its detoxification properties. A good oil for skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis, though the condition may appear to get worse before it gets better, as is the case with most forms of natural healing....

Lavender... One of the best all round oils..its range of uses are so great that I could not hope to list them all here. It balances the body and mind , relieves muscular pain, treats burns, relieves headaches, menstrual conditions, it is both a tonic and a sedative, it even helps you sleep.

Lemon... Stimulates the body·s defences by stimulating the production of white corpuscle.. It is a good tonic to the digestive system, it helps to normalise over acidity in the stomach, good for greasy skins.

Lemon Grass... Powerful tonic with stimulating effects on the whole system. Good against fevers and infectious illnesses.

Mandarin... Major use for treating digestive problems, one of the few oils safe for using during pregnancy.

Marjoram... It helps clear the chest and ease respiratory difficulties quickly, Very good for the circulation and high blood pressure. a great treatment for treating tired or overworked muscles.

Melissa ... Soothes both body and mind, good for skin problems... has a calming properties i.e. for rapid breathing and fast heartbeat.

Myrrh...Good for the treatment of colds, catarrh, chronic bronchitis and chest infections.

Neroli.. Excellent for emotional conditions, it an aphrodisiac! Valuable oil in skin care, stimulating the growth of new skin cells and can be used on all skin types effectively.

Rose Essential Oil Palmarosa... A skin oil valued for its rejuvenation properties it stimulates and hydrates the skin and balances sebum production.

Peppermint... Good for stomach upsets, good against cold and flu, clears the mind and is good for headaches and good for the skin.
Pine... A good oil for chest infections, stimulates the circulation and can help rheumatic pain

Rose... An excellent skin care oil for all skin types . especially dry skin.

Rosemary.. Helps to lower cholesterol. A tonic for the heart and liver. Good for all respiratory problems, a good painkiller especially useful for over worked muscles.

Sandalwood.. Good for Pulmonary antiseptic especially on dry, irritating coughs.. excellent for all skin types from dry to oily skin.

Thyme... Good for colds and sore throats and chest infections by stream inhalation.. Excellent in all forms of infection by stimulating the bodies own defences. 

Tea Tree .... Invaluable against all kinds of infection. Good for cold and flu.

Ylang-Ylang... Slows down rapid breathing and heartbeat.. reduces high blood pressure....